Only the numbers rule

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Korean startup founders arriving to Silicon Valley are easily fooled by the casual atmosphere. It seems as if everyone are friends; employees are like family; business is done in a polite manner; no one yells or gets mad; even the supermarket cashiers will ask you how you are doing as though you are old friends. This would make you believe Facebook and Google reached Billions of dollars in revenues by being so nice to their employees that those felt compelled to return the favor with hard work and achievements. Sorry, that’s not the case.

A lie called: “We need more marketing”

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It’s amazing how easily rational people like us fall into believing in irrational magic. We have all done this: You read that Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos wake up at 5am and you get convinced that the key to your success is to be an early riser. Or you read something like “7 habits of highly successful people” and you suddenly feel assured that if you adopt these behaviors success will instantly come.

Fortune favors the quick

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Remember the question I asked in my last column about a week ago? I’m willing to bet you have no idea what I’m talking about. I don’t blame you – a week is a very long time, especially in today’s world. Many things have happened since in your personal life, at work, in politics, with your family. A hundred of questions have been asked of you during that time; lots of tasks and topics. A week is too long in our day and age to continue a discussion thread.

Your first version

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person-smartphone-office-tableSeeing your first product launch is in many ways like the experience of your first baby being born. It’s an amazing feeling. After such a long time, so many difficulties and heartaches, hopes and dreams – it is finally out. Exciting, isn’t it?

How to use your money

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There are two critical resources for startups: Time and money. Many startups think that money is their main problem, but they’re wrong: it’s always time. Even when you run out of money, it really time that was your enemy: it just took you too much time to generate revenue. If you were unable to raise money it’s because you didn’t finish your product, or don’t have enough users – both are a time problem.

How to use your time

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It sometimes seems to me that Korean startup founders are always busy doing two things: raising money, and filling out applications. Whenever I see Korean startups they are on their way from an investor meeting or on their way to one; and when they are not available it’s because they are participating in some startup competition, a pitching contest or an exhibition abroad arranged by some government agency.