How important is culture?

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How important is culture when running your startup? Some Silicon Valley gurus will tell you culture is very important. Peter Thiel says "run your startup like a cult" and his point is that culture will define your startup.

Other smart people will tell you to focus on execution, since you can't consciously affect your startup culture anyway.

I think they are both right.

Argue with me!

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Korean visitors who come to our offices to meet my partners and me are often puzzled by our internal discussions.

The first look of amazement usually comes when they see how we disagree with each other. More often than not, once one of us will say his or her opinion, someone else will express a completely opposite opinion. Out loud. And in front of everyone.

Shifting Mindsets

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 An important step for Seoul's entrepreneurs may be nothing more than a shifting mindset.


The young CEO concluded his presentation and looked at us, breathless. After a long explanation of the complex algorithm he had developed, his eyes were wide and expectant. Having spent the better part of the past eight months working on a mobile application, his team felt ready to launch, and he had sought us out seeking mentorship and funding.

Fall Reflections

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Autumn is the time for the Jewish new year. The origin of the Jewish new year is the harvest season, and the tradition is that the world was created at the first day of the year, although to be completely accurate, tradition has it that the Jewish new year is the 6th day following the world's creation (so the new year celebrates the creation of man, on the 6th day of creation). 

The marketing silver bullet

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Folk stories tell about werewolves - humans who turn into wolves when the moon is full. These mythical creatures are so magical, a regular bullet cannot kill them. You need a special kind of weapon: a bullet made of silver, to kill them. 

What do customers REALLY want?

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We love our customers.  

If you search for this phrase on google images you will find it is a very famous text on dry cleaning hangers - but it’s true not just for them; we love our customers because they are the main reason for our startup’s existence.