Fall Reflections

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Autumn is the time for the Jewish new year. The origin of the Jewish new year is the harvest season, and the tradition is that the world was created at the first day of the year, although to be completely accurate, tradition has it that the Jewish new year is the 6th day following the world's creation (so the new year celebrates the creation of man, on the 6th day of creation). 

The marketing silver bullet

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Folk stories tell about werewolves - humans who turn into wolves when the moon is full. These mythical creatures are so magical, a regular bullet cannot kill them. You need a special kind of weapon: a bullet made of silver, to kill them. 

What do customers REALLY want?

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We love our customers.  

If you search for this phrase on google images you will find it is a very famous text on dry cleaning hangers - but it’s true not just for them; we love our customers because they are the main reason for our startup’s existence.


What can we learn from failure?

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CB Insights has a wonderful compilation of startup failures (http://tinyurl.com/aviram-learn-from-failure).

51 startups, millions of dollars wasted and hundreds of men-years were summed up in 4-5 lines for each startup.

This is a rare opportunity. Silicon Valley celebrates successes, and reading tech magazines you may have the feeling everyone is raising money, successfully merging, being acquired for incredible sums of money or growing from nothing to be the next amazing thing.

10 reasons to bring your startup to Tel Aviv

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10 Reasons to bring your startup to Tel Aviv

Startups from Korea will be participate in Start Tel Aviv 2014. This year I was invited by the Israeli embassy in Seoul to the promotion event to speak about the Israeli startups ecosystem and why Tel Aviv is so great place to be. The event being held on 24th of June in MARU 180 incubation place which run and managed by Asan Nanum Foundation.

The sum is bigger than its parts

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Every Korean 20 years and older remembers the legendary red devils team from 2002. This team reached the semi-final beating top world teams such as Portugal, Italy and Spain.