B2B – how to find your partner

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A frequent question I get from Korean startups is a request to connect them to some company. Everyone’s dream is to repeat the Microsoft miracle of having IBM resell their operating system to take them from a tiny company of two developers to the world’s biggest software company.

Do you need a business plan?

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I was recently asked in a Q&A session about the importance of the business plan and financial forecast document when presenting to investors. I’m not proud of my answer, but here it is: if you are an early stage startup (before initial revenue), your business plan, and especially financial forecast, is totally fake. It has absolutely no value, because it’s describing something that is not true. It’s a made-up fantasy.

Why you should be a little more Israeli-like

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Many books have been written on how successful Israeli startups are compared to startups in other countries. There are lots of reasons that makes Israelis so successful in the startup game. Here’s one thing you can do like an Israeli that both easy and efficient: Make something before you start to optimize it.

Fake Work

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Building a startup is hard; making the startup successful is obviously much harder. Almost everyone with some experience in the startup world knows these two facts.

Looking for a US partner? Stop looking

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In a recent Korean startup event in California I saw some great startup pitches. The startup founders showed some innovative technologies and mostly had existing traction (in Korea, and sometimes in China and Japan) and all of them came to pitch in California in an attempt to enter the US market.

Train your weak muscle

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When world-class successful people are asked how others can duplicate their success, they repeat one thing so often that it’s easy to miss: if you want to beat your competitor, you need to work harder than them. Your competitor can have more funding, more marketing power, more market presence; that’s not up to you. But your competitor cannot work harder than you unless you let them do it.