What makes startups successful?

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What is it that makes startups successful? The secret formula or the one thing that turns failure into success?

Let me save you the suspense: I don’t know the answer. It doesn’t seem like anyone else has the answer, either. It’s very probable the answer doesn’t exist. Maybe you should stop wasting your time looking for this buried treasure: no one can give you the treasure map.

How to ensure execution

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Startup founders are obsessed with finding the right answers to everything. Sometimes it seems as if if you decode the secret you’ll immediately be able to take your startup to success. But this forgets one important thing: Knowing what to do is not as important as actually doing it.

Prove your words

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Think about your biggest obstacle in taking your startup to the next level. Take out a blank piece of paper and write at the top of the page a description of the obstacle you want to solve. Done it? Good.

Failure to launch

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The Korean startup culture has matured a lot in the 4 years that I’ve been working with startups in Korea. In many ways Korean startups today are improving; but one thing seems to still be the Achilles heel: the inability to pull the trigger on what is perhaps the most important action for a startup. To launch.

The art of the close

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In a famous behavioral psychology experiment, the participants play a game where you need to go through open doors. Going through the doors allows you to discover paths, but closing the door would be permanent: you can never again open the door and that path is gone forever.