How to beat the system

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When my friend graduated from university, he started looking for work as a programmer. This was the late 1990s and companies were crazed about recruiting only the best and brightest programmers to create high quality development teams made of “ninja developers”.

The second chance to make a first impression

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There’s a big difference between knowing what is the right thing to do, and actually doing that thing. In the startup world today, it’s very easy to get lots of advice. Books, blogs and stories everywhere are full of rules, guidance and advice on what is the right way to build the product, do business development, marketing, sales, etc.

Startup timeline

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As a general rule, Koreans seem to be very good at making strategic plans, at focusing on the long term outcome. In my day to day life in Korea I love this aspect of the Korean mindset.

Crossing inside the circle

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Try this experiment: go to a large street in your area and paint a large circle in the middle of the sidewalk. Fill it with paint and make the borders of the circle dark and emphasized. Now watch how many people go around the circle rather than step inside, even though it’s just a drawing on the sidewalk.

How I got my first users

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I mention frequently how important it is or a startup to get its first users; getting the first 5, 50, 500 and sometimes first 5,000 users are among the most important (often, the most difficult) tasks for a startup.