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With January 1st approaching, it’s tempting to decide on a big new year’s resolution. If you are a startup founder, maybe you’ll use this turn of the calendar to make a big step or commit to a change in direction. But before you do, hear me out.

The role of a leader

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Everybody knows the role of a leader is to lead the team, and everybody knows the startup’s founder is the team’s leader. But not many understand what the real role of a startup leader is, and how much it’s different than the role of a typical team leader in a regular company.

Where are you based?

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For me, skydiving - jumping out of an airplane with a parachute - sounds like a terrifying experience. I will probably never do it in my entire life – much too scary for me.

But some people jump out of planes for a living; for them, skydiving is not a big deal. Even for those who did it two or three times feel like although it’s still a bit scary, it’s no longer a big deal.

How to follow mentor advice

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The Jewish religion has a concept called “Choose your Rabbi” which is very much applicable to Korean startups today.
“Choose your Rabbi” tries to help solve some inherent issues for Jews; according to Jewish tradition, the only authority on what Jews should and should not do comes from the bible (old testament). However, the bible was written thousands of years ago and requires interpretation to adapt it to current times.

What makes startups successful?

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What is it that makes startups successful? The secret formula or the one thing that turns failure into success?

Let me save you the suspense: I don’t know the answer. It doesn’t seem like anyone else has the answer, either. It’s very probable the answer doesn’t exist. Maybe you should stop wasting your time looking for this buried treasure: no one can give you the treasure map.

How to ensure execution

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Startup founders are obsessed with finding the right answers to everything. Sometimes it seems as if if you decode the secret you’ll immediately be able to take your startup to success. But this forgets one important thing: Knowing what to do is not as important as actually doing it.