The Art of the Bootstrap – Part 1

Written by Sujung Kim on .

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Most entrepreneurs' dream is to get a large investment shortly after establishing the startup, and cruise to success on other people's money. But what happens if that doesn't happen as planned?

Addicted to praise

Written by Aviram on .

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We all want to build an admired startup. One that will be commended all around the world and serve as an example to be followed. Wait – do we really?

Why not today?

Written by Aviram on .

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That great feature you mean to add, why aren't you starting to add that feature to your product today? The business partner you think would be a good fit – why aren't you reaching out to him today?
Someone introduced you to a potential advisor or a strategic customer. What are you waiting for?

Searching for the coin under the streetlight

Written by Sujung Kim on .

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An old Jewish joke tells a story about old man Shimon, who is out in the street at night, looking for his lost coin under the streetlight. His friend Yakov sees him searching, and comes to help. “Where exactly did you lose the coin?” asks Yakov. “I lost it over there, at the corner” says Shimon. “In that case, why are we looking here? Shouldn't we be looking for it over at the corner?” asks Yakov, confused. “Because it's dark in the corner, I can't see anything. Better to be on this side of the street where there's light”.