Some things change, some things stay the same

Written by Aviram on .

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What will the next 5 years look like in the startup world? It's hard to even begin to guess. Cloud computing, augmented and virtual reality, social networking and many of the other hot startup segments, all appeared suddenly and took us by surprise when they became so popular. How can we tell what will be the next hot thing?

The Art of the Bootstrap – Part 2

Written by Sujung Kim on .

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Last week I discussed bootstrapping and how difficult it was; most times, if you can get an external investment to start your startup – do it. But for various reasons you may want to be in full control of your destiny, or maybe you found that funding has dried up. In that case, bootstrapping may be the way to go. I've done this 3 times out of 3 – so it's definitely possible.

The Art of the Bootstrap – Part 1

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Most entrepreneurs' dream is to get a large investment shortly after establishing the startup, and cruise to success on other people's money. But what happens if that doesn't happen as planned?

Addicted to praise

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We all want to build an admired startup. One that will be commended all around the world and serve as an example to be followed. Wait – do we really?