Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can apply to your program?

    Anyone who lives in Korea and has a great idea that can change the world.

  • Do you provide some funding?

    Yes, the accepted startups will receive from 10,000,000 KRW to 30,000,000 KRW as seed funding in our Acceleration programs .

  • Do you accept single entrepreneur?

    Yes, we do, but only in special cases. In our experience, team work works best. Also, sharing ideas and responsibilities will increase the chances of success.

  • Why did you choose the mentors to be from Israel?

    Israel is well known as the Startup Nation because of the innovation and creativity of the Israeli entrepreneurs. We want to bring this know-how directly to the Korean entrepreneurs and help to transform Korea's startup ecosystem to be a startup nation as well.

  • How can I apply?

    Please fill up our application. We kindly ask that you don't try to contact our mentors directly, as they are usually very busy.

  • How many startups will you admit?

    Don't worry about that, we have money, time and space for any great startup.

  • I already accepted to other acceleration program. Can I apply here too?

    Yes you can, but you may not be able to receive seed funding.

  • Can I work from home?

    All the participants will get a chair and desk in our working space, but you are free to work from home if want to.

  • What kind of startups are eligible for the program?

    We are focusing on the fields where our mentors can most assist in, and where they have the experience. Our current focus is on Mobile, Medical, Cyber Security, Internet, Robotics, IoT, E-commerce and Telecom.

  • Will you sign an NDA?

    Since we see and meet many ideas we can't do that, but we won’t share your application to anyone outside of KSP. You have to trust us here.

  • How do I invest in your programs?

    Please send us an email or leave us a message at the Contact us page.