Making promises

Written by Daniel Huh on .

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I was lucky enough to build my startup without needing VC money at all. But at some point, after the company was profitable and growing, I thought about getting some investment. There were a few reasons for it, one of those reasons being how easy it was for me to get interest from VCs (apparently, what VCs like the most is to invest in companies that absolutely do not need VC money).


Designing the perfect production

Written by Daniel Huh on .


What if you were able to design the perfect product?

Let me cut off your dream cords right here: the animal you're imagining does not exist. The perfect product isn't designed at once; it's perfected over time.

Some things change, some things stay the same

Written by Aviram on .

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What will the next 5 years look like in the startup world? It's hard to even begin to guess. Cloud computing, augmented and virtual reality, social networking and many of the other hot startup segments, all appeared suddenly and took us by surprise when they became so popular. How can we tell what will be the next hot thing?