• 10 reasons to bring your startup to Tel Aviv

    10 Reasons to bring your startup to Tel Aviv

    Startups from Korea will be participate in Start Tel Aviv 2014. This year I was invited by the Israeli embassy in Seoul to the promotion event to speak about the Israeli startups ecosystem and why Tel Aviv is so great place to be. The event being held on 24th of June in MARU 180 incubation place which run and managed by Asan Nanum Foundation.

  • Fall Reflections

    Autumn is the time for the Jewish new year. The origin of the Jewish new year is the harvest season, and the tradition is that the world was created at the first day of the year, although to be completely accurate, tradition has it that the Jewish new year is the 6th day following the world's creation (so the new year celebrates the creation of man, on the 6th day of creation). 

  • Global Forum of Creative Economy 2014

    GloblaForumCE2014Mr. Aviram Jenik, KSP's Co-Founder and the CEO of Beyond Security invited to speak about establishing new startup and what Korean startups should do in order to go global, at the Global Forum of Creative Economy 2014 in Seoul.

  • How to do everything right


    Many startups are obsessed with the idea of doing "everything right". Reading corporate history for companies like Apple, Amazon and Microsoft just fuels this need even further.


    We read about the perfectionist Steve Jobs, who wanted packaging to be as good as the product himself; how he obsessed about the physical appearance of the Apple computer and forced the engineers to find ways to implement what they thought was impossible and what he thought was necessary; no compromises were made and he came out with the perfect product.

  • Know Why You Are Doing It

    Twitter is a big company. They have over 2,000 employees, more than $300 Million is annual revenues and 500 Million users (one of every 14 people in the world, including babies!). Nobody can deny that twitter is a successful company. They have also recently moved their headquarters into their own building in San Francisco. What can we learn here?

  • KSP hosts mini-Demo Day, attended by angel investors and VC firms

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    Last Friday, KOISRA Seed Partners hosted a mini-demo day attended by private angel investors and representatives from local venture capital firms. Three of KSP's portfolio companies presented at the event, and the the dynamic Q&A was followed by a productive networking session. 
  • Seoul Technology Startup Competition 2014

    Seoul-Global-Center-logoYesterday, in a technology start-up competition hosted by Seoul Global Center run by the Seoul Metropolitan Government, KSP Managing Partner Eyal Victor Mamou, presided as judge of presentations made by finalists of companies founded by foreigner, or Korean-foreigner, teams.

  • What is the best that can happen?


    When I just started my company, I remember thinking: "If I can just bring the company to the point where we make a $1,000 a month, I'll be happy. Revenues are most important for a boot-strapped company and once stable revenues start coming in, I'll know exactly what to do next." A thousand dollars seemed like a dream.

  • What Will Your Startup Look Like When It Grows Up

    One thing that many startup founders worry about, is what the startup will look like when it "grows up". Steve Jobs was obsessively concerned that Apple will end up looking like 'IBM'. Like him, many founders look at the established startups in envy: Facebooks looks a lot like Mark Zuckerberg; Amazon looks a lot like Jeff Bezos; Google is the image of Larry and Sergey; Microsoft is still very much in the image of Bill Gates; and the list goes on. How can we make sure our startup grows up with the right culture, behavior and characteristics?