Way Wearable


WayWearable is a Seoul-based SMART solutions company, with a focus on helping women keep their skin healthy and beautiful. Our first service, WAY, is a hardware and big data technology solution, with connected mobile app.

WAY contains environment sensors that detect UV Radiation and air moisture content. It also contains BIA sensors that collect biometric data from the skin. Using this data and real-time weather reports we send actionable beauty tips to our users on their smartphone. The tips are designed to help women manage their daily beauty routine and maintain healthy, youthful skin. WAY is the first company in the world that combines all of these elements into a single, mobile service.

Every woman is different, and their skin reacts differently to environmental factors, such as pollution, air moisture content and UV radiation. Beyond beauty tips, WAY is able to suggest specific products that address personal beauty issues that women face. This will help our customers make more informed product choices and ultimately help them improve the efficacy of their skin care routine.

 Website: http://www.helloway.co