Transbox is a cyber security based startup. Transbox transfers your data with encryption code and allows only the permitted users to get decryption authority. Transbox also allows users to remotely destroy the confidential data. 


울랄라랩 로고

ulalaLAB is an IoT research team providing an IoT smart factory platform for small & medium sized manufacturers based on a self-developed IoT device WICON.

Lifestyle Innovators



dolbomingis a mobile platform service connecting customers and credible agencies. Customers tabs a few times and can receive caregivers’ list in minutes, with their photos and career information.

Target customer is 3040 working moms. The company’s initial target market is South Korea, which has +2M demands/year and +10% growth rate/year. It will open Beta service Jan 2016, starting with +20 agencies and +400 caregivers.

Visual Camp




VREX is Viratual Reality with Eye eXtension that a VR HMD with smartphone, which people can type characters and input signals like finger touch.





Bukio, Inc. develops an ebook service platform, the BUK that transforms file-based ebooks into URL accessible cloud content. With the BUK platform, publishers can directly market their books to their loyal readers by spreading content URLs that bring readers into specific paragraphs of interest.

The platform provides advanced reading applications that run on iOS, Android and generic web browsers, practically covering all devices available including chrome books. So far, 48000+ epub files have been transformed and served from http://buk.io. Please visit the service site to see it in action.

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